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Training Special 


1/ Permanent Make-up Beginning Class:   10-15 days /  $3,500.00

  1a.  Basic techniques of Permanent Make-up:

     + Machines Techniques: How to use machines and needles

     +Color theory: proper & mixing colors

     + Shape of eyebrow, lip.

          Makeup artistry with symmetry

    + Anesthetic techniques.

1b. Blood borne Pathogen.

    + Sterilizing and sanitation.

    +Before and After procedure care

1c. Regulation of  Health Department (State, County, City).

2/ Advanced  Permanent Make up  Class: 2-5 days/ $2,500.00

  2a. Hand-on Advance techniques of Permanent Makeup.

      +Solid brows, Lip liner, Full lip

      +Hair stroke eyebrow ( Feather touch/3D)

      +Color and Correction techniques

  2b. Briefly reviews Bloodborne Pathogens  curiculum. 


3/ Paramedical Permanent Make-up Class ; 3days/ 2,000.00.

     + Breast reconstruction ( following Breast removal).

     +Areola Nipple( Repigmentation and restorage)

     +Scalp Pigmentation. 

4/Special  Microblading  class: 3-4days/ $3,500.00.

    +Depth knowledge of every aspect of the procedure.

    + How to use a very fine blade.

    +Face measurement, skin types.

       Practice on artificial skin as well as live  in person model.

    + Color matching.

+Pre and Post-procedure instructions.

+ Bloodborne Pathogen.



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