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Happy Art

Permanent Makeup,


we believe that everyone is beautiful and that our purpose is to help our clients discover their most beautiful look. Drawing on the Oriental philosophy of seeking perfection in what we do, our technicians have devoted years of their lives, perfecting the art of Microblading, and now use it to create permanent makeup that not only gives our clients the look they desire, but also the satisfaction of knowing that they look their best, come what may.

Why Permanent Makeup?

Humanity has used body art for centuries, to accentuate inner spirituality and external beauty. Permanent Makeup is a specialization of this ancient practice, devoted to creating aesthetic perfection. This is a highly developed form of body art which gives results that are so vivid and detailed, they look completely natural.



Moreover, since it is a permanent treatment, you will not have to use harsh, damaging chemical cosmetics ever again. Given that an average woman spends $15000 on cosmetics in her lifetime, getting permanent makeup is plain old common sense!

1828 E Collins Ave. Orange, CA 92867

We are located in the heart of California's iconic Orange County, at Happy Art Permanent Makeup, our objective is turn everybody into a superstar! Our state of art facility is designed to help our clients relax ahead of their treatments, and afterwards, to rejuvenate. 

The treatment starts with a consultation session, during which, our experts help you identify the problem areas and select the appropriate procedure. We use top of the line anesthetics so there is absolutely no discomfort. At all times, you remain in full control of your treatment. Moreover, there is no down time! Once your treatment is done, and the topical anesthetics have worn off, you are able to resume your life, just like a visit to the salon. 





You wish that you could always look salon-like beautiful. Believe it or not, looking salon-like beautiful, forever, is possible! Here are some secret tips on how to achieve it:

-     Choose the right hair style. When you pick a good hair specialist, they will be able to give you the right hair style. If your hair is thinner than they should be, a good semi - permanent or permanent makeup specialist will be able to treat your scalp with pigmentation and make it look natural fuller.
-     Accentuate your features with longer lasting makeup. Waterproof makeup gets you rid of your worry about smudging and having to touch up every now and then. However, semi-permanent makeup can last up to as long as three years. Consider the possibilities.
-     Concealing beauty marks and scars. It is important to conceal unsightly marks on skin. While concealers are a common option, cosmetics are harmful, costly and time consuming to apply. Consider permanent concealment that completely hides the scar and has a durability of as long as up to 3 years! 

So don’t let anything stand between you and your beautiful self. Look salon beautiful, without plastic surgery. Just schedule a consultation at Happy Art Permanent Makeup today!



Permanent makeup?

While you may have heard about it, there are so many myths revolving around the art of permanent makeup that most people are skeptical of actually getting it done. In this article, let’s try to dispel some of these myths and understand the difference between makeup and permanent makeup.

While makeup is just temporary application of chemical cosmetics on the skin, in order to enhance one’s beauty; permanent makeup is a super specialized form of body art and is often corrective in nature. It enhances beauty permanently by correcting various flaws of skin or hair.

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