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We offer 

Comprehensive permanent makeup

solutions, depending on the needs of our clients



We offer comprehensive permanent makeup solutions, depending on the needs of our clients. From imparting the perfect, most gorgeous color to your lips, to creating the most ideal look for your eyes, we do it all. Contact us for a detailed consultation session with our experts, who will guide you about your desired look and with selecting the procedures that will be ideal for your face. At all times, you are in control of the entire process, and can choose from a range of finishes, varying 
from completely natural to completely dramatic! 


Our highly effective treatments make your lips drop-dead gorgeous, giving your pout a fuller, more refined look. We ensure that your lip color accentuates your face and skin
 tone, and that there are no harsh, unnatural outlines. The full lip treatment is the only effective way to improve loss of color and to correct natural asymmetry.  

You can choose between a lip liner, blush or a full tint to get the lips you have always dreamt of! We can also add definition to the edge of lips to counter 
fine lines and give you a more youthful look. Once finished, you can apply various lip stick colors or glosses as usual, or leave your lips untouched, in their 
perfect, 'natural' state! 



Applying eye makeup, especially the liner, is such a chore. Which is why, the best part about our eyeliner treatments is that they are completely get-and-forget. 
The only 'work' you have to do, is to pick from a wide range of gorgeous colors: from deepest blacks, to subtle blues or greens, to radical, popping violets! 

Once we have assessed your eye structure, and you have decided on the shade and width, our expert technicians get to work and create the sexiest, prettiest look 
for you eyes. And once you are done, you are free from smudges and touch ups. Your eyes will look gorgeous, forever!


We believe that everyone is beautiful and that our purpose is to help our clients discover their most beautiful look! 


Monica DOE: Absolutely thrilled with new eye brows! I had always been under confident about my eyebrows as they were extremely thin and didn't go with my eyes. Cindy helped me visualize my face and eyes with fuller brows, and moved to the actual procedure only after I was comfortable and confident about everything. The treatment itself, was a breeze. Watching her work, creating each strand individually, was akin to being in a trance. 


Absolutely no discomfort. The best thing is, everybody who knows me, is complimenting on my fabulous brows, and anybody who doesn't know me, can never 
guess that it is makeup! 


Oh, the brows! You gotta have the right shape drawn. And the plucking! Regularly! What if you could get that perfect look once, and keep it forever?

Welcome to Happy Art Permanent Makeup. Permanent brows are our specialty! Honestly, Microblading is an art. Our master technicians create your brow, 
strand by strand, so it looks perfectly natural, perfectly gorgeous. The brow shape and color is completely under your control, and you can go choose 
to go look natural, or totally wild with it! 

Our brow treatment is especially beneficial for: 
- Hair loss and lack of definition
- Thin brows caused by years of over plucking.
- Chemotherapy or Alopecia
- Scars
- Lengthening your shorter existing eyebrows
- Thickening thin brows
- Correcting asymmetry
- Active lifestyles
- Trouble applying conventional makeup.


price list 

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Price List


From $199+ (Reg. $350+)

Eyebrow Hair Stroke

From $299+ (Reg. $500+)


From $199+ (Reg. $350+)


From $199+ (Reg. $350+)

Full Lip

From $299+ (Reg. $500+)

Corection of Color

From $149+ (Reg. $250+)

Removal of Tattoo

From $149 (Reg. $250+)


From $499 (Reg. $800+)

Correction os scar by Tattoo Art

From $99+ (Reg. $200+)

Eylash Extensions

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$60 +

Eylash Tinting & Perming

$60 +

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