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Secrets of looking salon beautiful without plastic surgery

You wish that you could always look salon-like beautiful. Believe it or not, looking salon-like beautiful, forever, is possible! Here are some secret tips on how to achieve it:

A.    Choose the right hair style. When you pick a good hair specialist, they will be able to give you the right hair style. If your hair is thinner than they should be, a good semi - permanent or permanent makeup specialist will be able to treat your scalp with pigmentation and make it look natural fuller.
B.    Accentuate your features with longer lasting makeup. Waterproof makeup gets you rid of your worry about smudging and having to touch up every now and then. However, semi-permanent makeup can last up to as long as three years. Consider the possibilities.
C.    Concealing beauty marks and scars. It is important to conceal unsightly marks on skin. While concealers are a common option, cosmetics are harmful, costly and time consuming to apply. Consider permanent concealment that completely hides the scar and has a durability of as long as up to 3 years! 

So don’t let anything stand between you and your beautiful self. Look salon beautiful, without plastic surgery. Just schedule a consultation at Happy Art Permanent Makeup today!

Makeup versus permanent makeup


While you may have heard about it, there are so many myths revolving around the art of permanent makeup that most people are skeptical of actually getting it done. In this article, let’s try to dispel some of these myths and understand the difference between makeup and permanent makeup.

While makeup is just temporary application of chemical cosmetics on the skin, in order to enhance one’s beauty; permanent makeup is a super specialized form of body art and is often corrective in nature. It enhances beauty permanently by correcting various flaws of skin or hair.

Normal makeup usually lasts a day. Permanent makeup, on the other hand, lasts much longer, usually years. 
Further, makeup is a daily chore. And it is expensive! Did you know, an average woman spends $15,000 on cosmetics in her lifetime? In comparison, permanent makeup is more economical and is a one-time procedure! So what are you waiting for? Schedule a consultation at Happy Art Permanent Makeup and discover how to look beautiful forever. 





Get beautiful with Happy Art Permanent Makeup 
Cancer patients are amazingly brave. They go through a lot of scary, potentially damaging procedures to fight the disease. In a way, they have to fight fire with fire, and in the process, they often lose hair, weight, skin color and their once breathtaking looks. 

And this loss of self-image often leads to loss of self-esteem and confidence.

At Happy Art Permanent Makeup we believe that these brave-hearts shouldn't have to suffer on the count of beauty. Especially when they can look as beautiful as anyone else. We have designed special permanent makeup packages for cancer patients. 

We work on your hair, on your eyebrows and on any additional features. Our treatments do not interfere with any cancer treatments. We’re capable of designing, shaping and creating almost non-existent eyebrows and scar removal. Most injection or surgery scars can be removed. Moreover, our results are permanent. So don’t wait any longer and tell cancer it cannot take away your beauty!

Happy Art Permanent Makeup for Alopecia and Pre-Alopecia

Alopecia is an auto-immune disorder in which patients lose their hair. Essentially, the immune cells in the body stop recognizing hair follicles and attack them, causing hair loss. While there are treatments for hair loss and baldness, they are quite expensive and usually come with a lot of side effects. Surgeries have downtime and can be painful. Medicines are not just expensive but also affect the overall body. In comparison, permanent makeup is a much more viable solution.Permanent make up helps people suffering from hair loss, not just after it happens, but as soon as it is identified. There's no surgery involved, it is in line with your hair type, color and texture and lasts up to 3 years with no down time. The best part is that you don't need to swallow pills and your hair and head look completely natural. Aftercare is easy too, with comprehensive after-care solutions customized to your own needs.Autoimmune disease related hair loss can be unavoidable, but with Happy Art Permanent Makeup it is not difficult to get your youthful, full-haired looks back!



Women Hair Loss: Causes and Solutions

Hair loss is a woman's most dreaded nightmare! After all, great hair is the crown on a woman's pretty face and shining eyes. 

And yet, hair loss is a reality for a lot of women. More women than one can imagine. Women lose hair because of ageing, after pregnancy, due to pollution, stress, hormonal imbalances, cancer treatments and so much more.  

There are conventional treatments, but none of them pass a cost v/s benefit analysis. 
There are: 

•    Expensive medicines 
•    Costly and painful surgeries 
•    Wigs and hair pieces that look and feel unnatural

On the other hand, our scalp shading treatments are positively revolutionary! We shade your scalp semi – permanently, which means that for up to 3 years, your head will have a naturally fuller look. The treatment is fully customized, based on your hair type, color and style, and blends with your existing hair perfectly. 

There are no pills to take and this non-surgical solution can help restore your natural look and beauty. There’s no down time, no bleeding, no expensive medicines or difficult aftercare. Just you, looking gorgeous forever.





Men Hair Loss: Causes and Solutions

If hair loss is a dreaded possibility for women, it is a dark reality for most men. It is simply how the things work. Most men face hair loss at some point in their lives. 

And with hectic, degenerative lifestyles and work cultures making sure that more and more men are losing their hair earlier, male hair loss has become every snake oil salesman's dream come true. A whole industry has been created around male hair loss, with corrective medicines and surgical procedures. However, none of them really work, simply because the male biology is at work here. 

Which is why, at Happy Art Permanent Makeup, we have a much more natural, less troublesome solution. Our semi permanent scalp shading gives you a more natural look that blends in with your natural hair with ease.
Our experts can give you a natural look with a fuller head for upto 3 years. In fact the best part is that there’s no down time and after-care is easy. Schedule a consultation session to discover your lost youth and confidence once again! 

Scar Camouflage by Happy Art Permanent Makeup

Tired of worrying about unsightly scars and using cosmetic concealers? Sick of trying to find make up which will smudge less, and make lesser mess when you go out? Bored of wearing boring clothes that will keep them concealed?

Scar camouflage by Happy Art Permanent Makeup can resolve all these problems for you. 
Our experts can cover the scar tissue so seamlessly, even you won't be able to find that scar again! Our experts evaluate each scar on basis of type and size, before creating a custom blended color that matches your skin the best. Then, the scar is carefully covered until it is no longer distinguishable from the surrounding skin.  

There may be temporary redness or swelling and our team helps you with after care guidance till your skin looks natural once again. Now no more hunting for concealing make-up, long hours in front of your mirror or concealing clothing which stops you from being yourself. Say goodbye to those ugly scars now!



So there’s this pesky little beauty mark or the birth mark, right above your lip, or on the side line of your cheek? It’s completely in the wrong place and you wish it didn’t exist? No longer do you have to go around applying concealers, trying to find the right tone of concealer that matches your skin tone and is still able to cover the beauty mark. No longer do you have to sit in front of your mirror, applying make up to conceal that unsightly beauty mark, every time you head off for a meeting or a party. 

Instead, you can just visit us at Happy Art Permanent Makeup, and get rid of that beauty mark forever! Our experts use pigmentation to conceal your beauty spots for up to 3 years. There may be some inflammation or reddening initially, but our team provides you a full suite of after care to ensure that your treatment is seamless and hassle-free. Our treatments are well researched, and completely safe. Our experts are respected masters of their art and ensure that when you leave us, you are looking your best beautiful!

Eyebrow/Body Tattoo Removal (Eliminink) 

Eyebrow/Body Tattoo Removal (Eliminink) 
Eyebrows define our faces. However, not everyone is blessed with the perfect eyebrows we would so love to have! The best solution? Permanent makeup. But there are instances of permanent brow makeup gone wrong. Maybe the technician was not an expert, or just that you are not satisfied with the results and want to start over. Same is true with other types of tattoos. 
Typically eyebrow removals or tattoo removals can be painful and complicated, with no guarantee of satisfactory results.

That is where Eliminink comes into picture. Eliminink is a revolutionary new procedure for removal of all types of permanent and semi-permanent body art. Essentially, Eliminink is implanted in the top layer of skin just like tattoo ink or permanent makeup pigments. Once implanted, Eliminink bonds with, and removes the tattoo ink or pigment. Unlike laser removal, this procedure works on all colors and ink types. You can see the results in just 48 hours! 
At Happy Art Permanent Makeup, our experts are Eliminink Certified, so whether is was a poorly thought out tattoo or a permanent makeup disaster, they can help you erase your bad memories! 

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